Italian culinary tradition

& family spirit

The Italy has a name that leaves little doubt about what one can find there. The Italian culinary tradition and the Mediterranean’s family spirit make all the ambiance of the place. Yet, the very first Italian restaurant in Luxembourg, now has become inescapable. In 1962, Léo Antognoli and Anna Trigatti, his spouse, wrote the history of this establishment, supported by the whole family. Dario and Nilde Antognoli, brothers and sisters prepare the hot and cold dishes while their mamma Maria Antognoli-Bussaglia is the main source for all the recipes. The latter is a mine of knowledge which has revived this gastronomy in its purest spirit. Fresh pasta, salads, lasagna, tiramisu and all the specialties of the restaurant have the same taste back in Italy.

"Leo Antognoli and Anna Trigatti wrote the history of this establishement"

The restaurant quickly becomes a place visited by the whole Luxembourg as there is no other place simpler and pleasant to taste the Italian specialties. The generous dishes and the service offered do not give the choice to leave the restaurant displeased and unsatisfied. This simplicity can be found in meat or fish dishes: beef tenderloin, veal escalope, saltimbocca, grilled fish or scampi…



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